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Alt 07-13-2022, 08:28 AM
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Standart RFID Production Traceability Management System Enables Musical Instrument Enterprises

With the development of industrial production, the production process of musical instruments is becoming more and more complicated. In order to strengthen the management of the production process of musical instruments, musical instrument enterprises have adopted RFID Production Traceability Management System Based on RFID technology, and through passive RFID tag and handheld RFID reader to achieve the warehousing, allocation, warehousing, inventory and other tasks of musical instruments, managing and tracing them from the source of musical instrument production, Thus, the production efficiency of musical instruments is improved, human errors can be effectively reduced, and the real-time monitoring of musical instrument inventory can be realized.

If RFID production traceability management system is adopted, the scope of its management can be violin, cello, guitar and other musical instruments, which can realize the management of warehousing, inventory, allocation and rework in all links of musical instrument production.

By using RFID technology, the system attaches RFID electronic labels to products, identifies products and automatically records production operations, and other information technology means, so as to realize the wrong placement and efficient production of products. First, the RFID tag will be bound with the relevant data information of all kinds of piano, and the wholesale RFID tags will be attached to the inner wall of the piano box, so that the tag code can correspond to the model of the piano one by one. The semi-finished musical instruments sealed in the musical instrument box will be scanned before warehousing, and the warehousing sheet will be printed with a printer. At the same time, this batch of semi-finished musical instruments will be confirmed and recorded.

The semi-finished piano that needs to continue processing will continue to be processed in the next workshop to complete the collection and delivery between workshops and the warehousing records after processing. For the piano that needs to be reassembled, the piano warehouse will continue to transfer it to the assembly warehouse for the next process. If the piano needs to be reworked, it will be transferred from the assembly warehouse to the piano box warehouse or high piano warehouse for processing and scanning records, so that the mutual transfer task between each warehouse can be completed. The final sales of finished piano can also rely on the RFID Production Traceability system to record the sales outbound, customers, container numbers, etc. of the finished product warehouse.

In the whole process of musical instrument production, using RFID Production Traceability System and RFID tag factory for identification can improve the efficiency of musical instruments in and out of the warehouse, fundamentally reduce the overall error rate, and effectively improve production efficiency and product quality. In addition, it also allows customers to check the real-time inventory of each warehouse, workshop and process at any time, and can trace back to the whole production process of a piano, which reduces the work of inventory statistics of managers and greatly improves customer satisfaction.

RFID production traceability management system mainly takes products as the main line, and then uses RFID technology to automatically identify, record and monitor the materials, production process, semi-finished products and finished products of musical instruments from the source of musical instrument production, so as to implement all-round visual management. Prevent the occurrence of errors in the production of musical instruments. If there are errors, you can also trace the products afterwards, so as to clearly grasp the authenticity, whereabouts, storage, process records, production date, quality inspector and other information of the products, and analyze the causes of defective products, so that enterprises can timely understand the causes of errors and find corresponding solutions. The application of RFID production traceability management system can quickly improve the information management level of its production line, realize the visual management of production data, and effectively reduce the production cost of enterprises.

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