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Alt 07-06-2022, 08:55 AM
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Standart Advantages of RFID Asset Management System

In recent years, with the development of large-scale integrated circuit, network communication, information security and other technologies, RFID has been rapidly applied to smart grid, transportation, logistics industry, medical health, fine agriculture and animal husbandry, finance and service industry, industry and automatic control, smart home, environment and safety detection, public safety, smart city and other industries and fields.

RFID is to automatically identify the target object and obtain relevant data through RF signals. It is mainly composed of passive RFID tags, RFID Reader, and RFID antennas (antennas). RFID tags are composed of coupling elements (also known as antennas) and chips. Each tag has a unique electronic code (EPC), and the chip can store specific serial numbers and other information. The reader is the bridge between the tag and the software system. On the one hand, it reads the tag information, on the other hand, it communicates the reading results with the software system. The antenna exists in the tag and reader, and is responsible for the data transmission task from the tag chip to the RFID reader and then to the software system.

Advantages of RFID asset management system:

(1) The whole system has the characteristics of long-distance rapid identification, high reliability, high confidentiality, easy operation and easy expansion. The property identification system can operate independently and does not depend on other systems.

(2) Establish safe and reliable registered property files, strengthen property supervision through high-tech skills, reasonably allocate resources, reduce resource waste, and prevent property loss. It can effectively and accurately identify, collect, record and track the data information of the property (property with electronic labels) entering and leaving the base station (Library), so as to ensure the reasonable use of the property.

(3) Taking full account of the actual situation of the communication company, we studied the problem from the perspective of professional skills, and really dealt with the problems of chaos and poor real-time in property handling. Provide an advanced, reliable and applicable digital platform for active identification and intelligent handling of incoming and outgoing property, so that the telecom operation company can make qualitative progress in real-time and dynamic handling of internal property.

(4) Make full use of RFID active collection and GPRS wireless long-distance transmission function to complete the real-time consistency between property change information and system information, and select the alarm prompt function to organically combine daily operations with it system, and complete the useful real-time monitoring and recording of operation process by the background system, so that the handling personnel can timely understand the allocation and application of property in the office.

(5) All property data are input at one time. The system actively determines the property status (new, allocated, shelved, obsolete, etc.) based on the data collected by small RFID reader writer in different base stations and regions. The end user can count and query the property data at any time and anywhere through the IE browser through the Visual GIS operation interface.

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